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Film Set-Works

Art director is the title for a variety of similar job functions in film and television it is the charge of a sole art director to supervise and unify the vision. In particular, the art director is in charge of the overall visual appearanceand how it communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features , and psychologically appeals to a target audience. The art director makes decisions about visual elements used, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion. One of the most difficult problems that art directors face is to translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. During the brainstorming process, art directors, co-workers, and clients are engaged in imagining what the finished piece or scene might look like. At times, an art director is ultimately responsible for solidifying the vision of the collective imagination while resolving conflicting agenda and inconsistencies between the various individual inputs. The discussion with the film director and script writer Production design, Art director, engages with the script and do necessary steaks and design for the required sets of the film and execute the set with the budget given by the producer along with art director will give costume design make up design and color combination for the sets. In the past, the title of Art Director was used to denote the head of the art department (hence the Academy Award for Best Art Direction ) which also included the Set Decorator. Now the Award includes the Production Designer and Set Decorator. The title has become more common, and now Production Designer is commonly used as the title for the head of the Art Department, although the title actually implies control over every visual aspect of a film, including costumes.


Television Set-Works

Art director and Asst Art Director will do the requested sets for Television Programmes as per the script given by the directors of the serials, especially directors properties requested for the scene, along with this art director will do for the add films sets.

Event & Stage Set-Works

Art Director will be required sets and stages for the event programs, private tv & film shows goverment stage,Exhibiitions and also for the special programs required by the require.

Interior Design's

Art Director will do the required interior for the sets which film script writer and directors says b before the interior set erection the Art Director is responsible give the grand plans& Interior and exterior sketches with the estimation for executor the sets.

Miniature Works

For Special required miniatures for the scenes required for the film as director advice, along with the sets particularly the miniatures in perspective scale dissension with cinematographer, along with the miniature the glass matte, also will be done by the art directors.

Historic Moment's

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