About Our Association History

From the beginning of Indian Film History Art direction has its major role in film making, for taking a complete movie, casting is apart, In Pre-production the Direction, cinematography and art direction plays main role. Art director creates the Property as per the scripts requirement, art direction give s life to the visual of the film and it bring the life to the story of the film ,without art direction the film will lack the nativity to bring the nativity and originality of the period art direction roles the major part, We are association of cine and Television Art Directors of Southern India, Basically our association history starts from 1972, our association here to support the member ACTADSI‘s well ness and Protect them legally to solve if any problem happens .

Evolution of ACTADSI

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  • 1972

    The Association of Cine and Televesion Art Directors Southern India has been formed and Registered as ACTADSI on November 12,1972 with & Board Members.The Board Memebers Comprised of Mr D.S.Ghodgawakar, Mr P.Angamuthu, Mr Thotta Vengateswara Rao, Mr A.Ramasamy, Mr P.Venkat Rao, Mr P.Ram Kumar, Mr SAR Baboo.

  • 1988

    Mr.Thotta Tharani Has been awarded the National Award for the Movie Nayagan(1988), the first from the Association Member after the Association Started.

  • 1991

    A New Building for the Association has been Constructed with the Supervision of Then President Mr P.Chalam and other Members of the Association in Vadapalani,Chennai. The Buiding is Inaugrated on 21st February,1991.

  • 1999

    The Silver Jubilee Function of our Association (1972-1997) has been held on 18th April,1999. It has been made special with Presence of our Board Members, Famous Film Producers,Actors and Directors.

  • 2001

    Our Association Member and The two time National Award Winner Mr.Thotta Tharani has been awarded PadmaShri by the Government of India and he got his award from our Honorable Presidenr Mr.K.R Narayanan.

  • 2007

    New Plans has been made to upgrade the association building and thus constructing a new building near Arcot Road,Vadapalani,Chennai. It has been opened by honorable Ramanarayanan.

  • 2012

    Summer WorkShop's on Design related works Such as Maya,Illustrator & Photoshop has been started and has been inaugrated by Padmashri Thotta Tharani Sir. Summer workshop's are being conducted every year during the period April-June.

  • 2014

    A new Library has been inducted in the association on the year 2014.Our Experienced art directors have donated some valuable books to the library.

Recent Events

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